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Jet Lag

So we arrived at Tel Aviv Airport at 9am. We met up with Vivert and Neelam Lall. They are missionaries in India that we support as a church and they are joining us for this tour. We were originally planning on going straight to our hotel to freshen up, rest and get ready for the Tour to begin early Monday Morning. Our Tour Guide is named George. He suggested we go to Caesarea Maritima before we check in. Sounded like a good idea, so we did it. Caesarea is a place that King Herod the Great built off of the Mediterranean Sea to impress all the world travelers that arrived by ship. (Most places we go to on this trip were built by Herod the Great…(He is the Herod who killed all 2 year old and under males during the time Jesus was born)…Caesarea has a Hippodrome where they had chariot races, 4000 seat amphitheater, a temple, palace guard and a really advanced port for ships. The only biblical significance of this place is from Acts 10 and Acts 23-27. Peter was at this place. The Apostle Paul to. We were all pretty tired. Weather was in the mid 80’s…a bit warm. Jet Leg had set in…we looked like a bunch of zombies. 30 plus hours had elapsed and we have only had about 4 or so decent hours of sleep depending on how well one sleeps on a plane. We had a quick lunch at a local place and checked into our hotel for one night. We checked in at around 2:30 pm. Most of us were wiped out. We chose to eat dinner later on our own and most went and took a nap. BAD IDEA. Kelli and I crashed for a “quick” nap. Well I just now woke up and now it is 10PM and I’ve just slept for 6 hours. My body thinks its AZ time still and so I’m typing this from our tiny bathroom using the closed toilet as my desk seat and trying to not wake Kelli up. This first hotel is what I would rate as a 2 star hotel. We have two small beds. By small I mean my shoulders literally touch each side of the bed. its like a Half twin. But…better than a plane seat! I”m working on killing the Jet Lag.

So I will try to force myself to sleep more. We get up in the morning and will go to the Sea of Galilee. I’m sure our Parkway adventures truly begin then. Wish you could be with us…how about the next trip? November 2012.
Stay tuned…Sea of Galilee is next. I might try to walk on water…..what……don’t role eyes…Peter did!


  • Vickie Kucera |

    That is awsome…you make me feel like I am actually there…and wish that Bob and I had gone now….we will definitely be putting this trip on our things to do list for 2012…..have fun….can’t wait for your next blog…..lovya

  • Marshall and Chris Florendo |

    I feel your pain!! I remember it well. At least you didn’t have carrot sandwiches for breakfast. Or did you?

  • Sawana Grimmett |

    Can’t wait for November 2012 baby! So glad you all made it safely there and sounds like a definite adventure already. Thank you for doing this Trent blog. We love you all – can’t wait to hear more!

  • christie netser |

    Thanks for the updates … I really enjoy reading them … Makes me feel like im almost there ! Sounds amazing ! someday I hope to make it there !!

  • AllieZirkle |

    Looking forward to some photos ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like the beds were fashioned after those on a cruise ship (or vice a versa!). Good luck today as you encounter God’s work, first hand.