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There is no competition…

Have you ever been in the presence of something or someone and heard them say, “I have no competition!” The odds are you haven’t. Its got to be a rare thing to say or hear.
I heard it first hand this morning. I am tempted to not mention any names, but if someone says they have no competition then they have nothing to worry about…right?
So I’m at Starbucks this morning and I hear a Barista talking to a customer in front of me. The discussion was focused on why the customer was by himself and didn’t have his usual business partner with him for the daily morning ritual of satisfying the coffee monster that lives within so many of us. The customer replied that the new Dunkin Donuts had opened and the person was trying it out instead of Starbucks. I was intrigued to hear what the Barista had to say about that! The Barista replied, “Oh, that’s okay…Starbucks has no competition that can even come close to us and it will always be that way…he’ll be back soon.”

I have to admit, I love confidence. We must admit that Starbucks is amazing. They have earned the reputation of Champion status.

Just like…
The Roman Empire.
The Titanic.

Its not that the defeaters of the Champions are greater. David was so small.
Nothing compared to the size of the Roman Empire.
The iceberg was nothing the size of the ship.

So what brought the “champions” down?
What will bring Starbucks down?
What will bring you to your knees?

Of course I have my opinions….
I would love yours
Please share…


  • Adam Fischer |

    I have been defeated by my competition far FEWER times than I have been defeated by my own ego getting in the way. Great observation Trent!

  • Chris Hazelton |

    So easy to become blinded by confidence and over content with everyday comforts. I know that becoming too content and having an over provileged feeling has led me to make some bad decisions that could lead to “being brought down”. One of the best things about worship is that it is a reality check to keep us grounded and our egos in check.

  • Pamie |

    I agree with ego – and then add greed and not caring about people. My dad was an executive for United Airlines. I remember 47 years ago when my sister was born they sent a baby blanket home for her – and we looked forward to the comany picnic each summer. My husband also worked for United and 8 years ago they handed him a pink slip after 18 years of service! So where is United now?????????????? Bankrupt and run by bean counters who know nothing about airplanes or people just how much money can we make with the least amount of work or resources. I think we can add many more corporations to this list. Very sad !!!!!!!!!!!! Will Starbucks be one??? I bet if they follow United’s lead they will!