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This Blog is under construction…

I am busting at the seams to get some amazing and challenging articles on this Blog. I want you to use it for personal growth and challenge. Be patient with me as this is in process.

I am preparing to blog all 300+Teachings and Commands of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. It will take a long time. It will take over a year. I hope you use them as daily devotions.
Stay tuned.


  • Corie |

    It’s too bad that you don’t do this at church any more. That is was what hooked us to PW but you dropped it as soon as we moved in to the new building and went down the CCV route and ultimately why we left. You used to feed the sheep you are entrusted with but not any more. CCV plays church for the unbelievers and feeds them what their itching ears want – ie – a social gospel. Go back to your first love Trent!

    • trent renner |

      Hey Corie….I’m getting back to my first love…be patient. Your comments about CCV are easy to make from the chair you sit in. I know what CCV does and its not for everyone. I could show you Scripture that shows its okay to function the way they do. Be careful in your attitude. If it doesn’t work for you then move on like you have and let it be. I appreciate your challenge to me and these things take time. TR

  • Suzanne |

    Trent,I just posted to facebook that:

    ‘Pastor Trent has the ‘anointing’ I pray that God will speak to him and he will listen to the direction GOD has called him to

  • Suzanne |

    I just read Corie ‘s post. I am an old saint. I have been around church and the “church” workings. Been an Elder, sat on the board. I KNOW anointing when I see it. I have been in the place where I have actually heard the voice of God. People might think I’m strange…..but when you have been in the Holy of Holy…..you know. I know you have the anointing. The first time I went to your church and witnessed your preaching, …. I knew and I felt it. That is why I was very saddened that the CCV and video took over. The anointing does not transend to tape…..it is a LIVE manifistation (sp) There is a Pastor in Washington that I would love to connect you with if you are willing and receptive that could maybe mentor you. This is NOT to say that your father in law is or has less a calling…..just someone other than you circle of Pastors??? Bod’s Blessings and protection on your and your family!!

  • Alicia Mullins |

    Good Evening Trent.
    I just want to let you know that I am praying for you and your family. You are an amazing teacher and leader. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you! I will also regulary check you blog. I am excited to read your posts about the teaching and commands of Jesus Christ! Thank you for everything!

    Best wishes on your future endevours!
    Alicia Mullins

  • Philis |

    Praying for you and your family Trent. You have gift for teaching and I hope that you are able to inspire others! Keep up the great work that you started at Kingswood many years ago that led to Parkway!

    Thank you for being the leader and pastor that you are! You rock!

  • Chris |

    Its official – we left CCV today and joined another church. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about CCV – except that it was a long drive from our home in south Goodyear, but we would gladly load everyone up and make the drive to listen to you, Trent. There are still wonderful messages that we recieved from CCV…..but that ‘connection’ was just not there for us anymore. We tried, but eventually just had to move on.

    When we heard your messages it was always exactly what we needed to hear with the most perfect delivery, for us – God certainly used you to get through our thick skulls. We miss hearing you…thats all I wanted to say. We pray for your family and know that God has a wonderful, powerful new journey ahead for you all.

    We saw a LOT of familiar faces at this new church of ours…it was sort of comical how we avoided eye contact. I cant put my finger on why we all felt the need to ignore the obvious….just thought that was interesting.

    God Bless you and I cant wait to read more of your teachings here! Hopefully one day, if its been placed in your heart, we will get to listen to you in person again soon.

  • Sylvia |

    Your descion to leave was not a easy one to hear, I have been sitting in the second row with my family since we started

    coming to Parkway, listening to your service and hearing my children talk about how they understood what you said and how

    excited they would be when I said we are going to Church on Sundays, when you annonced that PW was going to be CCV,

    I thought that was great, but as time came I started to fell like not getting up for Church dreading I would be seening pastor

    Don on screen and not you, Pastor Trent no disrespect to your father in law, but when your standing there teaching us, I

    want to continue learning I want to continue hearing the work because your encourge me and my children we hear

    thepassion in your voice, you reach us now all I do is get up and go to church because its the right thing to do, not because

    I want to, what happened to, You would be giving the same sermon just in each other styles, now its just Pastor Don, and

    when you did give a sermon it was at CCV location, I felt disconnected CCV has become just the church with no pastor

    takes the time to be at, the attention is at the bigger church, we dont matter, its like my daughter says, Mom if I want to

    watch church on TV then we should be watching Joel Osten. I miss PW I miss my pastor who I learn from, please don’t say

    I need to give CCV a chance, because I have every Sunday I get up and tell my kids it going to be a great service we will

    see Pastor Trent and we will hold on to the sermon he give till next time we see pastor Trent, I will continure to go to CCV

    until I can no longer go. God Bless you and hopefully we will have a chance to hear your teaching again.

  • Kent |

    It has always been a joy to listen to your insights, experience your passion, and experience your leadership. There is no doubt God has more chapters of ministry in your life waiting to be written. One thing i have enjoyed is wathcing you grow and develop in your understanding of church functon and ministry. I have several times seen what appears to be contridiction in your ministry “philosophy” only to see it as growth and clarity of how things should be seen and done. Its wonderful to grow, and i have done so under the ministry God has given you to use as His gift. No one is perfect so don’t let the complainers get to you. I see the comments of negativity regarding CCV and it reminds me of the same spirit going on with the major music change at PW a few years ago. Its ok to move on if you need to. I have to admit i made the same comment to Cathy about how watching tv is about the same as watching a screen at church. I tend to think it a trendy church thing that will pass, we see it in Seattle as well, but it may be the wave of the future as we become more tecno in our society. The anointing is not limited by man’s techno;ogy, but I believe we were wired to experience the personal relationships with our spiritual leaders. I would like to see smaller powerful churches led by multiple dynamic leaders, as supplied by the move of God, than the mega church syndrome. I also feel these relationships between shepherd and flock…. 1) are best when life long and 2) flock is not spiritually co dependent on the shepherd. Seems like neither one is happeneing much. Ok scratch the life long part, not very scriptual, but it would be nice. God bless

  • kay clark |

    Well, TR, they/ you have opened the torrent of comments of folks who have something to say, huh?
    Again I say to you, you are absolutely gifted by our Most High God~! Take your time and as you listen,,, He will speak to you.
    Clearly, God has work for you to do as time goes on~!
    Oh, how I miss Ministry with you~~