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  • Reply netser |

    Kelli and I just had this convo yesterday !! So many opportunities are right in front of us daily that to us may seem so little but to the other person its BIG !! I experienced this yesterday giving a few used shirts to some kids who are homeless with no clothes…. and these kids are right here in our city !! It felt like such a little thing that I almost didnt follow through and do it but after seeing their faces of gratitude, Im humbled and encouraged and SO thankful i followed through with what seems little …… EACH one matters !! thanks Trent for always challenging us !!

  • Reply Mike Van Eck |

    Trent I lived most of my life always following the rules and never questioning anything, that due mostly in part to my 20 years service in the Air Force.

    I use to get upset when people around me would push the limits or always ask why. Since meeting you I have learned to challenge myself and the things around me. I no longer feel that those pipe dreams that people have can’t happen, I just sit back and wonder when will they happen. I think that if you sit back and never try to change things, you feel safe. Feeling Safe is a false sense that I believe that is brought on by all that is evil in the world. If you fit in, then your safe. If on one notices you, then your safe. If your a follower and not a leader, then your safe. I want to feel different, I want to change as much of the world as I possibly can.

So, what do you think ?