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Have you seen a man’s heart?

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 Sometimes you just come across some material that you can only copy and paste.  This material is from Luke Davis.

 This is good writing.  Enjoy.  More information about this author and material is posted at the end.

Have you seen a man’s heart? Have you glimpsed the depth of emotion and feeling that lies within? I don’t think you have, not truly. You may look at the men of the world and think they are cold unfeeling brutes, to all outward appearances you would be right. A man’s heart is a very dangerous thing, it must be tamed, it must be controlled and at all costs it must be hidden from this world. The very fabric of society would be rent if men were allowed to use their hearts. Every stage of a man’s life our society is bent on ensuring a man’s heart is contained, it’s written so in our fairy tales, in our stereotypes, in our media and in our very thoughts. It is with good reason this must be so and if you feel you have seen a man’s heart be cautious and seek help, for that is a problem that must be resolved.

A man’s heart is a very dangerous thing.

Have you seen a little boy’s heart? So shiny and bright with hopes and dreams for the future, there is nothing this boy can’t do. His heart, so small and yet so large, big enough to feel all the ills and pain in the world around him and small enough to heal quickly. Big enough to show him courage and bravery, to take risks and overcome that which scares him yet tiny enough to be a fragile thing. The world is such a beautiful place to this boy, so wide and large and always another hill to see what lies on the other side. But men do not cry. When such things as a boys tears are loosed upon the world they must be shackled, controlled and converted; competition is the only outlet suitable for that which fills a boy’s heart. He must play societies game and learn how to win the acceptable prizes in life. If you see a boys heart prepare your shackles because such a sight cannot be left unaddressed.

Have you seen a teenage boy’s heart? Full of motion and action, he rebels at the constraints laid upon him and the world is his yet to change. So quickly does he grow, so fast does he see the world for what it is. We fill his mind with tales of knights, dragons and princesses but this is our snare. Oh so carefully do we divert him form learning the truth, that first he must learn to love himself; that love must come from within and it isn’t a prize to win. But men must not touch. At a time when a teenage boy begins to learn of love this should be stymied, strangled and bound. He is a rapist, a pillager, a plunderer and a monster; he will not know the boundaries such needs should have. He may want a simple hug from his mother, an embracing bond between his fellow man and a kiss from his first love but these he cannot have. He can never be trusted with such freedom for he does not know how dangerous he is. If you see a teenage boy’s heart prepare your bindings because such actions cannot go unchecked.

A man with passion cannot be trusted to act in the interests of everyone else.

Have you seen a man’s heart? So slow and sluggish, but oh so strong. With shackles and bindings, still it yet beats. Somehow he maintains his purpose and passion. He is capable of such great things, marvels beyond compare, wonders that never cease. But men must not show weakness. Such willfulness must be enclosed, corralled and caged; a prison in his own mind with bars forged of honor, duty and responsibility. Pain, uncertainty, fear, sadness, inaction and distress have no place in a man for how can we charge him with his roles if we believe him to be human. He must be the first to step in front of danger to protect those he loves, the first to sacrifice himself to provide for his family, the first to bear the pain of ill winds. There is nothing a man should not dare for honor, duty and responsibility and a man with passion cannot be trusted to act in the interests of everyone else. If you see a man’s heart unfettered and free, run.

If you see a man whose heart is free, flee as far and as fast as you can because an encounter with this man will leave you forever changed. A man whose heart is truly free is the most dangerous thing in existance; he is a dreamer, a visionary, an idealist. This is a man who still sees all that is good in the world; he will shine a light on all that you find dim and dark and show you the beauty that lies underneath. This is a man who believes he can make the world a better place; he will touch you with his love for this world and you will believe also that the world can be changed. This is a man who burns with a passion so deep it cannot be extinguished; a man who creates miracles and makes his very dreams come true. Flee because this is a man who has learned to love himself.

If you see a man’s heart, embrace him, he misses the world’s love for him.

– See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/have-you-seen-a-mans-heart-ldvs/#sthash.ajOb5qSL.dpuf

The Bible vs The Quran

quran-vs-bible-2I can understand the perspective of those who say that both writings have awful verses that demand awful things.

The Quran can only be somewhat comparable to the Bible’s Old Covenant. Only one of the books pictured has a New Covenant.

Jesus of Nazareth ushered in a new way that overrules the old way. Love the Lord AND love thy neighbor.

The Bible teaches us to love even those who won’t convert. The Quran teaches its followers to destroy those who don’t believe its teachings.

I’m so grateful for Jesus.

I wish more of His followers would behave more like Him.

Sink or Swim

An adapted quote from Goi Nasu…

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. All the sin in the world can’t sink a Christian’s soul unless it gets inside.”sinking boat

It starts with just a small drop…

-it’s just a movie.-It’s just a sports swimsuits magazine. -it’s just a joke. -it’s just a little flirting. It’s her fault she gave me the wrong change back. -I just tried it once. -it’s just one drink. I deserve more. -It’s just a text msg. -I can do a better job than him. -I didn’t intend for it to go this way… … …. … … …

Let’s guard our God given freedom.  It is very easy to become desensitized to what the Bible calls sin.  At the same time it is easy to blur the line between holiness and legalism.  Freedom requires incredible selflessness and responsibility.  Following Jesus is not for the faint of heart.  

A ship under water began to sink when the first single drop got in the boat. Do you need to start bailing water out of your boat? 

If necessary, start with 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us ours sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”. Keep your eyes on the eternal prize! Swim baby swim!!

Tough Questions about giving to the Poor…as Jesus commands.

Seth Godin wrote the following…

“It’s difficult to be a generous skeptic. Not only do we have to be clear and cogent and actionable, but we cross a social boundary when we speak up. We might be rejected, or scolded, or made to feel dumb. And of course there’s the risk that we’ll get our hopes up that something will improve, only to see it revert to the status quo.

So, most of the time, we don’t bother.

But when someone does care enough (about you, about the opportunity, about the work or the tool), the ball is in your court.

You can react to the feedback by taking it as an attack, deflecting blame, pointing fingers to policy or the CEO. Then you’ve just told me that you don’t care enough to receive the feedback in a useful way.

Or you can pass me off to a powerless middleman, a frustrated person who mouths the words but makes it clear that the feedback will never get used. Another way to show that you don’t care as much as I do. And if you don’t care, why should I?

One other option: you can care even more than I do. You can not only be open to the constructive feedback, but you can savor it, chew it over, amplify it. You can delight in the fact that someone cares enough to speak up, and dance with their insight and contribution.”

With That thought…I am taking the risk of being a what Seth calls, a generous skeptic.  I’ve been called worse! LOL…Below are my thoughts…

How many years have we as Christians been doing good in Africa?  After all the years of volunteering, creating 501c3’s, and other movements for doing good in God’s name…what have we changed?

Extreme poverty is still enslaving way too many in Africa and all other 3rd world countries.

Here’s my challenge…

I challenge all Christians to stop simply giving handouts…as good as that is…and do something great by working together towards creating self sufficiency in places that are literally imprisoned by extreme poverty because of welfare mentalities that have developed after decades, maybe centuries, of handouts.

Some might say, “we must give…we can’t get a starving person to listen to the good news of Jesus if their stomach is growling, so we must feed the hungry.”  My reply is, Duh!…but if all we do is keep feeding the hungry, then our love of giving will entrap the hungry to depend on us to feed them for the rest of their lives.  That is not some ignorant guess…that is a proven fact after hundreds of years of trying to change 3rd world countries…with no poverty conquering results to prove otherwise.

If all we do is continue to ship food, clothing, etc over to Africa, then we are a part of the problem, not the solution.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if we took all the money used to create and ship food to Africa and instead used it to create agriculture programs in the rich and fertile soil of Africa, or used it to create business/economy training for the incredibly intelligent 3rd world citizen…, we would wipe out hunger and lack of economy in record time!  Possibly in just one generation.

Another question we must start asking…As loving and kind as Child Sponsorship is…is it conquering the BIG PICTURE problems of 3rd world countries? (If the answer is yes, then show me the facts)  Your sponsorship pays for that child’s education and some food and supplies…do you know what kind of school your sponsored child is attending?  Do you know how much of the money invested goes to feeding and educating that child?  If you are doing the good work of paying for that child to be blessed…are you asking questions about the plan for that child to learn how to stand on his/her own two feet to conquer their personal poverty?  Many of the schools in Africa have a 1 Teacher to more than 500 students ratio.  They may be going to school, but is their any learning going on?  Is your Child Sponsorship program steadily engraining a welfare mentality in the child you support and the community he/she lives in?

Those who are committed to Child Sponsorship are very loyal to it.  I understand.  I see the beauty of relationship in Child Sponsorship. However, in the shadows of Child Sponsorship, are many questions that I’m not sure are being asked.  Like…is there a better way?  Is it possible that my supporting one child actually hurts the whole community?  Is the money I give even going to the child?  Is anybody asking if Child sponsorship is simply a money making business model?  I have heard two Child Sponsorship organizations, on the inside, say, “Child Sponsorship is the ‘bread and butter’ that sustains our organization.”  Is anybody asking if Child Sponsorship is supposed to even be a business?  I know that helping one child in sponsorship matters to that one child, just like the starfish stuck on the beach story, but why…after hundreds of years…are things not improving in 3rd world countries?  Is anybody asking…”is there a better way?”  “Are we being successful in our ultimate goals to love our neighbor?”  On the surface it looks as if we love that Child and community by giving, but if we are actually creating a welfare state, are we truly loving our neighbor?

I fear that some American Organizations might be cognizant of the fact that if we train the people in Africa to grow great food and learn to sustain themselves, or realize that child sponsorship might be a part of the big picture problem, then many of them wouldn’t be needed today in America and thus many American’s wouldn’t get the paychecks they receive monthly and would have to find different work to provide for their families.  (Is anybody asking these questions today?)  I do not intend to insult…I intend to be a part of lasting solutions that really demonstrate love for the least of these.)  Someday, we all stand before Jesus and the motives of our hearts will be revealed.

On that note…if you are tempted…

Please do not irresponsibly drop your child sponsorship.  I’m simply challenging all readers….IS ANYBODY ASKING THESE TOUGH QUESTIONS TODAY?  I think there is great danger is just blindly giving. There is greater danger in not asking these questions and thus blindly giving in a loving way to the demise and entrapment of 3rd world countries.  But it seems so loving to help thew way we do.

Now…on the other side of this story is the 501c3 organization that is being forced to report its financials publicly.  They must make their financial decisions based off your ability to see those decisions via website and your demands.  This is a double edged sword.  I realize accountability and transparency are important.  But you need to know it is full of hypocrisy.  If you are demanding a 501c3 to report is weekly and monthly financials….are you doing this in your personal life?  If you are a Ministry and are giving of your tithes to a 501c3 Mission org, and at the same time demanding them to answer all your questions and have full details in front of you…then…are you doing this for your contributors as well?  If you are a contributor and you are demanding that the mission org you support must tell you how much money is going toward administrative costs…Are you asking that of your local church pastor, your local bank, your local education, your local taxes, your local schools?  Or just that 501c3?  I find it fascinating that our Christian world has demanded the “do good” organizations to have to report it’s financials, administrative costs, etc on public websites to be graded and given stars by that website to help the public “trust” that specific grade so they feel secure in giving towards that orgs work.

Where are the websites that do this to every Church that sits on the street corners of America?  Where is the grade for them?  Pasting the pastor’s salary for the whole world to see.  What about the local bank, the local Starbuck’s manager’s salary.  If you require it of a world mission organization, then it must be required of you to paste your take home salary, your expenditures and how much you give as an American Christian for Tithes and offerings.  Don’t require of others what you won’t do yourself.  In case you are wondering, I do not buy into that game.  I will never post such information.  If you would like to know what Return Hope does with every penny, just give me a call, let’s set up an appointment and I’ll put it all in front of you to see our integrity and where every penny goes.  I will expect you to bring your personal financial reports so I can see where all your money goes as well.  That is fair.  Please live by the following standard of Jesus, “Treat others like you would like to be treated yourself.”  Luke 6:31

I do not think there anything wrong with asking organizations the tough accountability questions.  I know for a fact that there are organizations who have made a great profit being a non-profit? I’m not sure that is completely wrong.  Much good work is taking place under that non for profit-profit making org.  This whole blog is simply a way to get some questions started in your head about how successful we all are really being in our ministry efforts to solve some huge world problems.   I am not a fan of the organization that takes advantage of people who give to them.  I’m not sure the full answers to stop such evil.  I do not think we can stop it.  There is a ton of craftiness that takes place behind closed door staff meetings and accounting meetings.  We must ask the tough questions.  We must seek accountability, but my issue is that you cannot demand it and then not do it personally yourself.   There is a lot of huckster and hypocrital behavior taking place under the name of Jesus.   Have you ever heard of “selling of indulgences” from the dark days of religion?  (if not…Google it)  From the outward appearance…paying for an indulgence seemed a beautiful and wise thing….but in truth it was pure evil done under the umbrella of good.  Pure profiteering off of the poor, done in the name of religion.  It happened for so long that even the manipulative leaders began to believe it was biblical and right.

Is the billions of dollars being raised to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give water to the thirsty, etc…being used to its fullest potential?  Is all the money we are throwing at these horrid problems actually solving problems or creating bigger ones?

Are you part of the problem in 3rd world countries?  Please be intelligent in your love and obedience to honor the commands of Jesus found in the last few paragraphs of Matthew 25.

We as American’s love to give.  It makes us feel good.  The Bible tells us that it is better to give than to receive.  Therein lies our problem. Is it possible that in our giving we have consequentially taught the recipient that it is “better” to receive?

If I am a citizen of a 3rd world country and my daily needs were met through contributions from America…why would I be motivated to solve my owe needs?   All I have to do is show up each day to be fed.  Why should I work?

I am in Africa regularly.  Everywhere I go in Uganda I am surrounded by rich fertile soil and a huge population of very smart and strong local people.  But most of the locals come running with hands outstretched in the universal language of “Help me, I’m in need.”  All the while chanting a name that refers to you… “Mizungoo“… as you pull up in your mission trip vehicle to hand out more goods.  The term Mizungoo pretty much means, “White American with Money”.

I hate the term Mizungoo…for them to even chant it, is like a brainwashing mantra engraining into their psyche that they will never be good enough or capable enough…that they will forever have to wait on the Mizungoo to help them have any kind of quality in life.  We as the Mizungoo get off our bus and start giving.  Dresses for the little girls, soccer balls for the little boys, we arrive with toothpaste, sugar and toiletries, shoes, jeans, our old clothes, etc, etc, etc.  Giving is good!….right?  And we think it’s cute to buy Mizungoo Tshirts at the airports on the way home from our life changing mission trip.

Has any Mizungoo ever asked the little girl who is lined up in a row of hundred others waiting to be handed a new pillow case dress…if she wants to work hard and earn a beautiful new dress of her choice?   So…when she picks it out after earning it by getting better grades or doing a work routine for a solid week, she will take total ownership in her chosen dress and be very proud of a lesson in life that has been learned…HARD WORK PAYS OFF!   The alternative is to just make sure you pay attention so that when the Mizungoos pull up in their mission trip busses, you fight and claw your way to be in the first 100 in line to make sure you get a dress, and then repeat it next summer.  Why would I ever learn to work hard and provide for myself, if all I have to do is hold my hand out and receive food, water, clothing, medical treatment every time a Mizungoo group comes into town?  It is the same with soccer balls, candy, medical supplies, etc.

There is something special that happens to a girls dignity, when she works hard and earns the opportunity to enter a room full of dresses to pick out the color of her hearts desire!  Or…she can stand in line, lift her hands, and have the mizungoo put the color they think will be best for her.  Is that how you would like your daughter to be treated and trained?  Are little girls in 3rd world countries not as good as your daughter?


The way American Mission Orgs do mission trips is comparable to going to the zoo.  All the people with money buy tickets to come and visit the animals.  We pack some food and water and gifts for the animals.  The caged being comes running when they see us and we ooh and aah and take pictures with these unique creatures so we can run home and show everybody how cool our zoo trip was.  When those who were afraid to go to the zoo with you, see all your pictures, they tell you how brave and good you are.  It feels good to visit the zoo.  We feel important after visiting the zoo and seeing such unique things and doing such a good thing. funny-lion-cage-zoo-guy

Has anybody ever asked the zoo animal if they would prefer to not live in a cage?  Do they feel humiliated sitting in their cage to wait for the workers and visitors to feed them.  Has anybody ever asked the Lion if he’d prefer to hunt for his own food?  Has anybody asked the tiger if all the pictures are actually humiliating?   However, after a while, the unique creatures we keep in the cage at the zoo, get used to the cage. It forgets what its like to live in the wild, free.  Do it long enough and beautiful babies are born in the zoo cage and they don’t know the difference. They never knew what it was like to live free.  They prefer the cage.  They get very excited when they know new visitors are coming to see them and take more pictures of them stuck in a cage, but they love the new gifts that come with them.  The beautiful caged creatures are confident the zoo entry fee will pay for their food and care for the rest of their lives.  In a cage.

OTHER QUESTIONS…back to the point…

Why would an orphanage work to grow its own food, if time after time it continually just has to sit and wait for shipment containers to show up with the scientifically subsidized rice, beans and vitamins to live on?  All the while some company in America is making a pretty good business out of it all.  I think it is the 21st century’s form of slavery.   It cost 15,000 US dollars to ship one of these containers full of food.  Is anybody asking any questions about all the open acres that are sitting idle in Africa not growing food?   How much would it cost to train the whole orphanage to grow and produce their own crops.  How many young orphans would come of out that orphanage ready to start their own agriculture life?  Or…we Americans can just feel good about lazily giving our check to see that those people get fed…”In Jesus name…Amen!”  Its all so zoo-ish.

These are just a few of the questions.  I could write on for pages more.  Do you get my point?

What is the solution?  Real solutions will never be solved by just writing a check!  That is only the tiny beginning.  Real solutions break down the cage and let the beautiful out!  True beauty is most beautiful when it is living in its God given nature.  We must begin to work smarter in how we solve 3rd world extreme poverty.

The solution is for every American Organization that intends to help 3rd world countries, literally stop giving handouts.  Nothing should be given unless there is even just a small reciprocation of work.  We must begin to train and develop industry, economy and work ethic.

A good small example is when Return Hope’s Ugandan director came across a widow’s home where she was raising 3 young children on her own.  She had nearly nothing.  Inside her little mud hut were a couple pieces of foam that her children slept on, their clothes were in tatters.  Their environment of living in the dirt was written all over them.  They looked exhausted.  They were exhausted.

It seems the right thing to do would be to simply buy them new clothes, mattresses, and improve the overall condition of this family. That is what would feel good to me.  And to them.  But…I refused to give them anything.  I told our director to meet with this mother and her children and explain that we would help them, but all we asked in return was some work and ownership on their part.  Would they help clean up the school grounds, wipe the chalkboards, and serve in their community?  Yes!  They were all smiles!  Of course they did all that and more.  Do you think they are taking great ownership in their new mattresses and clothes, they earned?  You bet they are.  Do you think they are spending more time around the school now?  Do you think they will see the new school building going up and now they can come in and work hard and in return develop an education.  You bet!   The alternative would have them simply wearing out their new items until another giver comes along.

There are simple answers to the problems all our loving-giving has created.  It will be no simple task in getting people who are living on welfare to relearn how God intended life to be…WORKed out!  It will be no simple task to get Americans who would prefer to just write a check, to also get out and get their hands dirty in the work of teaching and training….not just giving.

The solution?…Nobody get’s anything unless they invest some time, talent or treasure!

No more handouts.  Its causing great poverty and pain.

I challenge you, your not for profit org, or anybody, to start being a part of the solution.

Please don’t let your GOOD giving be detrimental to the GREAT work that we need to be accomplishing.

Good is the enemy of Great!

Let’s conquer extreme poverty!  It begins with you and me.

I vow that Return Hope will be a part of the solution.


Having Done in Room 1501 (Week 19-22) Passion or Fear in 2015?

Week 19 & 20 in room 1501 at Joy Christian High School were a wrapping up of the entire first semester of the 2014-2015 school year. (Weeks 21 & 22 were Christmas break)FullSizeRender

Week 19 & 20 were a couple of weeks of tidying up Bible Class Notebooks that would serve as the final grade of this first semester of Bible Class.  There were a couple of Zeros I had to give as a final grade.  The Notebooks worthy of being graded actually received a grade as low as 12 out of 100 and some received a 100!  It is quite an experience grading final work.  It shows how much the student cares and for some it simply shows that the student has brilliant strategy.  Strategic students know the educational system.  They know they want to pass the class, get the grade and move on.  Some of the students are doing so incredibly well in the class, that to even take a zero on the notebook, doesn’t drop their grade even a letter grade.  So…a few skipped the notebook and got a zero.

Now, to the rule follower adults reading this, who are shaking your head or even possibly feeling disgusted by this type of student behavior…This strategy actually made me smile.  As a teacher, I gave these students a zero on their final grade and moved on.  I can’t take it personal.  Some of these students who strategically took a zero learned a principle I taught in the first two weeks of Bible Class. They learned about what I call our Personal Hermeneutic.  If you want to know what these 6 levels of Hermeneutic are all about, you can read about it in full detail  here… Week 6 of this blog series of “Having Done in Room 1501”, titled (Spirit Week).  Simply click here.

These few students took ownership in their decision and knew that they could still get an A or even a B by taking a zero on the final project/test of this first semester.  If you read the levels of Hermeneutic, these students did not live in fear of being punished (Avoider), they are not living to please(Pleaser) their teacher or even their parents.  They are not living for some worldly reward (Seeker).  They simply worked hard all semester and knew they had created enough of what I call “grace space” that they could relax/sluff-off and be fine with the final result.

I personally think these students can be the ones who end up being the leaders of our future, because they know how to move forward in life successfully without pleasing everybody around them.  Some of the greatest world changers became what they are because they knew how to strategically break the rules, think outside of the box, generate change, and not be held back by fear of what other’s think.

Please know…I love the students who did the final project perfectly and accomplished an amazing Bible Notebook that is in perfect order. These students too, can have great success, and their work ethic of near perfection, shows it.   The principle I’m trying to point out, is that both example students mentioned above are right.  Just different.  I would bet a lot of money (and I’m not a betting man) that the student who understands the strategy of being able to get away with a zero and still get the grade has more potential at becoming a world changer and leader.  Why?  Usually the person who is in pursuit of the perfect grade, and doing everything by the exact rules laid before them…is someone who is not willing to break outside the box and break a few rules to accomplish something.  Again…this is not about right or wrong.  It’s about style and strategy.mandela and fear

Martin Luther King Jr. had to break a few rules to make change.

Nelson Mandela had to break a few rules to make change.

Benjamin Franklin had to take some huge risks to bring us some incredible inventions.

Michael Jordan failed at the freshman high school basketball tryouts and was cut from the team.

Isaac Newton was told by his teacher that he would never amount to anything.

Beethoven was told to he would never be successful in the music world.

You get the point.Road to success

After all…what is school really about?  Is about getting the best grade? Getting an A?   Is it about doing everything the teacher asks or requires?  No.  It is about the student becoming prepared to be successful in life.  Some of life’s greatest successes happen when we live motivated by our passion and not our fear.   

Are the majority of your decisions you make in life motived out of fear or pursuit of your passion?

I believe your best decisions in life are not the ones that make a lot of sense to other people…even your friends or family.  I think the best decisions in life are made through the understanding of how God made you, what He made you passionate about, and then pursuing those passions through the risk necessary to do what God asks of you.  It’s different for everybody.

The longer I am in the educational and academic system the more I am recognizing that Academia would prefer you to be a robot just like the robot sitting next to you in your class…just like the robots sitting in the Academic Chairs of Authority….so tests are created to make sure you are answering the right robotic questions to make sure you are the robot you should be….measuring all the robots in the industrial robot production lines to other robots.

I’m afraid the average school system is too much like the original line of Henry Ford’s industrial age, assembly line production, of the first car he produced.  These cars came off the assembly line with only one color to choose from, all exactly the same.  It was a great victory for the American way to build a profitable business.  My problem is that it seems that America is stuck in the past of thinking this is still the best process to create success today.  This might be true in the production of material goods, but not in any people business.

I believe our current culture is stuck in the cul-de-sac of the Assembly line age.  Those who are of age to have been influenced by the Industrial age of Assembly lines, are still in leadership of American businesses and are wrestling with the younger generation who have been raised under the influenced of the World Wide Web.  There is a giant traffic jam currently stuck in this Cul De Sac.  It is going to take time and lots of frustration before the traffic takes a U Turn and leaves the Cul de Sac.

Let’s take a moment and think in more detail about what I’m trying to say.   What does Henry Ford and the world of academia have to do with each other?

I do not think Henry Ford’s greatest invention was the Model T car.  In fact Henry Ford didn’t invent the car.  He invented the Model T version of a car. But, I do not think Henry Ford’s greatest influence upon our world came from the Model T…it came from the invention of the Assembly line.  Henry Ford discovered the ability to produce an affordable car through the assembly line that increased the efficiency of manufacture and decreased its cost.  Ford did not conceive the concept, he perfected it. Prior to the introduction of the assembly line, cars were individually crafted by teams of skilled workmen – a slow and expensive procedure. The assembly line reversed the process of automobile manufacture. Instead of workers going to the car, the car came to the worker who performed the same task of assembly over and over again. With the introduction and perfection of the process, Ford was able to reduce the assembly time of a Model T from twelve and a half hours to less than six hours.1926-ford-model-t-assembly-line-photo-338182-s-1280x782

Henry Ford is an inspiration to the USA.  He is a hero to capitalism.  Henry Ford’s style influenced millions of Americans to think differently about production and success.  I think Henry Ford and the other’s who were inspired to copy his style of business might have influenced our American Education System.

Have we created an education assembly line, that maneuvers individual souls down conveyor belts, to Education Assemblers who aim to manufacture products of same-ness?

It is an honest and fair question.  I think the answer is, yes.  And, I think this style has crept into our Churches, Hospitals, HOA’s, Sports world, and many other people circles.

This is why I personally am thrilled to see students jump off the “assembly line”…okay with getting a zero… to live strategically towards their passions, not afraid of the wrath of the Assembly line workers.

I am convinced… greater purpose and fulfillment is achieved through living in your passions and not your fears.  I am also convinced that those who live in their fears will someday arrive at death’s door very safe.  It is terrifying to step out, challenge, and/or ignore the assembly line workers, and live for your passions…but those who push through the terror of stepping out…will be the ones who change something in this world.

Some with a strong Bible understanding, might say that fear can be good, and also might quote the incredibly wise Bible verse of Proverbs 9:10,

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.”  

I agree that there is a great purpose in Fear.  Please understand when I celebrate the person who strategically ignores a few rules, that I am not talking about anything that has to do with sin.  When I say I love the person who follows their passion…I am not referring, for even a second, that I celebrate unholy living of any kind.  That is not success.   Some fear is necessary.  The fear of putting your hand on a burning stove.  The fear of being too close to the unguarded edge of the Grand Canyon.  The fear of head on collisions in automobiles. The fear of breaking the heart and will of God.

That’s good fear.

That Bible verse, above…it says the BEGINNING OF WISDOM.  I don’t just want wisdom’s beginning.  I want it’s middle and end.  I want its fullness.  We must have some motivation based from fear.  I’m simply saying we must be very wise in WHO we fear.  I have a serious problem with the RULER Hermeneutic (Clink link and go to Ruler Definition section of that blog).  This type of person believes that if you break their rules, you dishonor God.  This type of person would really have struggled with Jesus in how He confronted the Pharisee’s of His time.   My goodness…Jesus was a rule breaker.  He followed His Passion…To honor ONLY the Will of His Father…at the ignoring of many authority’s rules.

And He was successful.  It didn’t make a lot of sense to the people around Him.  Even those very close to Him…who spent years with Him.  Jesus was so misunderstood because He followed His God given passion.  I wouldn’t say that Jesus ignored His fears…He instead had great courage and trust in His Holy Father that overruled his fear.

It’s not wrong to be afraid.  It’s wrong to listen to your fear at the demise of the Passion that God you to accomplish something for Him.

2015 is Here…ANOTHER YEAR IS ABOUT TO BLAZE BY….What fears are holding you back from living in the Purpose(s) that God is calling you to live for?

What do you fear?  Is it possible that the Devil has instilled some fear in you to try to keep you from doing what God would have you do and be?

I challenge you to really break down your fears by thinking about what it is you truly fear.  When you write down a few things you fear…then…ask yourself Why you fear it.  When you think of the answer…write that down too.  Then ask yourself Why again.  Do this process about 5 or 6 times and I think you will get to the root of what you truly fear.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all Wisdom.  I challenge you to live in complete wisdom…not just in wisdom’s beginning. Complete wisdom will be found by filtering through all the voices in your life and in your head and only listening to the Voice of God.   Listen to only God’s voice.  WARNING NOTE:  God’s voice will never tell you to do something that isn’t already founded in the Bible.  Or, as I like to say it…

GOD’S WILL will never go against GOD’S WORD.

Living for GOD’S Will through God’s Word…will cause you to live as an individual designed by God as an individual, who will stand before God individually to give an account of everything you did.  Don’t be a robot.  God created you as an individual.  If you live in the USA, then you also live in a country that is founded on individuality, filled with truths to be self evident.  You are created to be free.  Live in the Freedom of how God created you to live and follow His guidelines (Bible) of true freedom.  It’s the difference of living for your fears or for your passions.

Happy New Year.

Bring it!