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Monthly Archives: November 2010


We’re at Sky Harbor and sitting and waiting to load our plane to Newark NJ where we will switch rides and have a 9 hour flight to Tel Aviv. I was a bit anxious about the TSA stories I’d been hearing about full body scanners, full body pat downs that rank right up there with molestation…but we had none of that. Piece of cake getting through security! In fact one of the TSA agents caught everybody’s attention. He smiled and was giving everybody thumbs up when they went through the metal detector without setting it off…saying with a smile and raised eyebrows, “you made it!” He graciously helped those who forgot to remove a piece of metal from their pockets. He was shouting out reminders about what to do and not to do. He loves his job. But…maybe he doesn’t love his job, but chooses to enjoy what he has to anyway. With his positive attitude, I’ll bet his day goes by faster. He could have scowled, frowned, grumbled, demanded. Instead he chose to make us smile, relax and anticipate. He chose to serve instead of demand…give instead of take. That is the America I’m proud of. So…as you head off to work…what attitude will you choose. You HAVE to work today. Will you choose to lift and encourage or tear down and destroy? Go to work. They’re calling our row…gotta go!

Take Off X2

The launch of something is always exciting. I’ve got two launches in the final countdown! Can you hear the band “Europe”(1986) singing?

The FIRST launch is this blog. For me and the blog…I just want to say…”creativity is harder to come by than good grammar.”

The SECOND launch is the fact that it is almost midnight and I’ve got to be up at 3AM to launch a group of people on a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands of Israel. Jerusalem has launched 9 hours in advance of AZ time so I am considering staying up all night and beginning the Jet Lag early.

I’m not fully sure what “Traveling Mercies” are but if they are what I think they are…I would appreciate your prayers for such.

Stay tuned daily with this blog if you are interested in reading about how we walked on the land of Jesus. We’ll use boats where He walked on water. Let the Count Down to the Launch Begin! What will you soon launch? Don’t get your launch ate.