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“Hi, my name is Trent Renner, Who are you?”

So…you walk into a gathering of people who do the same thing you do. You are asked over and over, as you meet different people, “Who are you?” Sound familiar? Have you been in this situation before? Of course you have. You’ve been asked a thousand times…”who are you?” My question is, “How have you answered?” If I approached you right now and asked you, “who are you?” I know you would give me a smile and your name. The key question is, what would you answer next? I would answer; “my name is Trent Renner and I am the Lead and founding Pastor of Parkway Christian Church in Surprise Arizona.”
That answer seems like a good answer at first. However the problem is this; Parkway Christian Church no longer exists. I merged Parkway with Christ’s Church of the Valley in April of 2011. Parkway was completely absorbed and acquired by Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria AZ. Parkway Church doesn’t exist anymore. My leadership of her doesn’t exist anymore. So before Parkway was merged with Christ’s Church of the Valley, and somebody asked me who I was, and I answered by giving my name and Title…well…then looking back…was I giving a good description of who I was? If who I am is based on my name and Title only…then what happens to my identity when that titled is no longer truthful as to who I am? If who I am is based on something that no longer exists then I no longer exist. Who are you? Please don’t tell me your existence is founded on what you do as a job.  Check out this great video clip…it makes my point very well. Anger Management…\”Who are you?\”
If tomorrow you woke up and your job title no longer existed, who would you be? If tomorrow, all the people who followed you, no longer actually followed you, who would you be? If tomorrow you found out that 13 or 30 years of your life blood, sweat, sacrifice, time and energy, just evaporated, who would you be?

Where is your identity? By what do define yourself? Who are you?

I have learned the hard way that I must hold onto everything lightly. Nothing is really mine. You are just like me. So, nothing is really yours. You and me…we are not entitled to anything. Please base your identity on what your Creator calls you and by what He did for you. Everything else is temporal. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Who are you?
My name is Trent Renner…forgiven man of God, temporal husband, father, and spiritual leader. A man who loves the Lord and one who ultimately knows that nothing is permanent.

Who are you? How do you define yourself?


  • Keith Pavia |

    Trent you are correct with your statement and when we truly realize that we are children of God we can be free to share why and who we are. All the other things are what we do not who we are.

    I am Keith Pavia fully devoted to Jesus Christ, working on my relationship daily to become a fully surrendered follower of Jesus. I was lost but now I am found. I really like what Jesus says in John 15:10 “When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandments and remain in His love.” We are to do just like Jesus and let that Spirit in us lead.

    What I do is; work for a church, father the kids I have and love my wife. I also share my story of why Jesus is so important in my life.

    Thanks Trent I really enjoyed reading about your Africa experience and have always been challenged to be focused on Christ as an employer under your leadership.

  • Liz |

    Absolutely Trent. King Solomon was very wise….there is nothing new under the sun….not even me/us. We and our plans are but a vapor in the wind. He is the only thing that matters.

    • mary martin |

      I am a Christian. I am starting over spiritually – after 30 yr. lapse. My husband & I are snowbirds. We miss you at ccv. What are you doing now for the Lord? Have you started another church? Are you waiting on the Lord? If so thats your new calling. Please don”t wait 30 wasted yrs like I have. It’s a struggle to be faithful in my Bible reading, serving in our church, and now just attending church. Pray for us that I won’t repeat the past – of just giving up. God bless you and yours

      mary & richard martin

      • Trent |

        Mary and Richard. Thanks for your kind words. Its good to be missed. I am waiting on God to show me the right church for me to lead in. I am learning all kinds of new levels of patience. Definitely not a time in my life I would say that I am enjoying. Its all good. I hope to some day look back and see good that will come out of all of this. You won’t repeat your past. Stay focused on Christ and keep being who God designed you to be. If I can ever help, just ask. TR