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Where O where did my little blog go…

I have been poked, prodded and emailed, face-booked, tweeted and phoned as to where my blogging has gone. I can see that May 9th was my last Hydrate post. I used to post nearly everyday, so I am seeing now that nearly 2 months has gone by without a single tap of a keyboard, I deserve all the prodding. What has happened?

Well I moved 2,188 miles across the USA from Surprise AZ (Phoenix) to Oviedo FL (Orlando). So over the last 50 or so days, my family has packed the house, said goodbye to some amazing AZ friends, moved the miles mentioned above, unpacked the house (about 50 people helped unpack to the two PODS and it took only 45 minutes), we have sold our AZ home to a cash buyer, invaded our new church in Orlando, Metro Church www.metrocc.org, met the new staff team and new church people (wonderful people), unpacked boxes (not done yet) and have gone to the beach twice (going again today!) I am amazed at how many times one can go to Home Depot when moving into a new house. We are currently renting and look forward to purchasing our own home as soon as we can.

So all in all, I have been overwhelmed and I appreciate your patience with me. I appreciate your desire to even read this blog and I hope that my recent lack of it does not cause you to lose interest.

Some of you have asked about my book “Retweeting Jesus” and when it will be released. All I know for now is that it is currently going through what is called the “copy editing” process. It takes a solid month and its about 10 days into it. I’m not sure what the next step is. One thing I’m sure of, is that I will keep you updated about it. I will be asking for your help in getting word out about this devotional book. I think it will help so many Christians understand the passion of Jesus and help even more unchurched friends possibly to give their lives to Him. I pray you will help me when the book comes out.

Be patient with me a little longer. I will blog again very soon. In my next blog post I am not going to jump right back into the “Hydrate” series I am doing. I want to take a couple blog posts and talk about TRAJECTORY. Its what happened to my family that caused us to land in Florida. One person, one church, one decision can change your entire life’s trajectory. I want to blog about my experience and I hope it encourages you, warns you and keeps you on your toes.

It may sound weird for me to say this, but if you are reading this material, I love you and care for you deeply. I look forward to a life long connection with you as we keep our eyes on the most important things of life. Jesus and each other.

New blog post coming soon.


  • Wes |

    Thanks , for being the pastor who challenges his flock to strive to be better! Sincerely Wes Young

  • Matt |

    Good luck in Florida, Trent. Looking forward to the book.

  • Cindy |

    Trent! So glad you’re going through with the book!!!! Can’t wait til it comes out have a fun summer!

  • kay clark |

    Trent, I am so excited for your new Jesus adventure~!

    I am continually impressed at the way God has sprinkled all of us all over the country to do his work. I no longer hurt that we are separated ~~ rather I celebrate that we had some wonderful years together growing in our love for HIM as He prepared us to go out to do His work~!!! Our God is an Awesome God!!!

    TR, you are an awesome man of God~! I am thrilled for your new church family that they have you to love and lead them. Right on, my friend~!


  • Mark Smith |


    Thank you for the inspriration and Bible clarity you exposed to me at Parkway. Though I never agreed with the decisions made, I am assured that with Change comes Challenge and with Challenge comes Change. We all grow when we are challenged. I have matured so much in my faith and love for God over the past year.

    Good luck to you and your family. God Bless!

    PS: I am a bit Jelous of your proximity to the Ocean !

    – Mark Smith