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Day two…finally arrived in Uganda

(For some reason…the pictures I’ve attached below are not posting…so I check on it later and worst case…I’ll repost pics to my descriptions below after we return to the great USA.)

Well, we finally got out of Amsterdam via London. When we got ready to check on to our next 9 hour flight, Riley and I were just standing at the gate waiting to board, when Riley leaned over and said to me, “Dad, I think that guy is the Machine Gun Preacher.” We debated a few minutes about whether or not it was and then finally I just approached the man and asked him. Sure enough…it is Sam Childers…aka The Machine Gun Preacher. You can look him up…there was a movie done about him recently called “The Machine Gun Preacher.” Gerard Butler played the role of Sam Childers.

Riley told me he didn’t care if he was in the picture with him, so I took advantage of the situation and asked for a picture! After the photo op I was able to sit and chat with Sam for a few minutes and he mentioned how he needs a couple fresh water wells drilled and I told him about Hope 4 Kids International and Water 4 Kids International and I think we made a connection. He gave me his cell phone number and it’s all just cool! (I’ll keep you updated about some joint effort possibilities.)

When we arrived in Entebbe Uganda…we waited and waited for our luggage. We checked in 3 big bags and NONE of them showed up. Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me. As I am typing this…Riley and I are still wearing the same clothes we were wearing on Monday and it’s Wednesday….AND…we don’t know if they will be here tomorrow at 4pm. I’ll let you know. Neither Riley nor I have the right shoes for the work we are doing here, our clothes are comfy for flying, but not for mission work. We are trying to keep positive attitudes.

On our way to Tororo Uganda, where we are staying in a hotel called The Rock Classic Hotel, we stopped at a village where a Church group from Gilbert AZ…traveling in our group…had raised money to drill a fresh water well in the village. The well was finished recently and this trip to their village was to dedicate that well. This is my second trip to Uganda and I am sure that when we arrived into this village it was the most incredible and loud welcome we have ever received. I shot a picture of the crowd storming the bus with excitement and joy as we pulled in.

The community leaders of this village gave the church group, who raised the money for the water well…a goat. So…we had an hour plus van ride to the hotel tonight with an extra passenger. The goat didn’t even make a sound. To receive a goat in Uganda would be the equivalent of receiving a small car in America. Such generous people.

Today has been good. Riley and I have probably slept no more than 5 hours since Monday. Not sure why we had such a hard time getting sleep on the plane. So…I’m calling it a night.

I’m dirty.
I’m exhausted.
But…I’m in Africa with my son…visiting orphanages and seeing desperation and poverty at levels I’ve never imagined.
No complaining.

If you are reading this…I’m grateful for you. I need to get some sleep…I’m feeling a little more emotional than is normal.
After Good night’s rest….and I’ll post again tomorrow.

Trent…and Riley

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