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How do I know my name is written in The Book of Life?

There is this list.  This list hasn’t earned the superlative ranks we call Oscar’s, Santa’s, Schindler’s, Craig’s, America’s Most Wanted, or My Bucket…but the day will be upon us sooner or later where this list will be parallel to none.

In the Bible, specifically Luke 10:20, Jesus said to a group of His Disciples, “Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.”  Specifically in the Book of Revelation chapter 3 verse 5, the list is mentioned again, “They who overcome will thus be clothed in white garments; and I will not erase their name from the book of life, and I will confess their name before My Father and before His angels.”  

Book of Life

Every human being has been given a gift…our names have been written in THE Book of Life.  Every person that Jesus died for has their name written in this Book of Life.  What a gift! You didn’t earn having your name penciled in. You are not so outstanding that your name got written in, and other’s, who didn’t put in the work ethic like you, did not.

This is no human standard’s list.  No, this list has written on it every name that the Blood of Jesus was shed for.  This list contains every name that was ever knit together in a mother’s womb, plus Adam and Eve.  Every human, from the beginning of time, has their name written in this book. Jesus’s death, His obedience to the Father, secured your name being written on The List.  You weren’t asked, and you did not earn it. You aren’t capable of earning such an entry in The Book of Life.


Be warned. Every name is written in pencil. Please note, in the Revelation passage above, the critical words, “overcome”, and  “not erase”.

To keep the free gift of having your name written in The Book of Life, the only thing required of you is to LOVE JESUS.  Jesus said, and it’s recorded in John 14:15, “If you love Me, obey Me.”

It’s a fair standard.  This standard is the exact same standard the Father requested of Jesus, as He was sent to become one of us, and live in obedience to the Father’s commands on earth.  Such a request to Jesus from the Father, killed Him.  He laid down His life.  He laid down His own desires. (Don’t forget Jesus asked the Father, in the Garden of Gethsemane, to find another way to pay for our sins.) God didn’t change his way, so… Jesus obeyed and laid down His own desires, to honor the Father’s desires.  Jesus, did all that was necessary to Love/Obey the Father, specifically this, “NOT MY WILL BE DONE, BUT YOUR’S”.

Jesus referred a lot to laying down your own life, picking up your cross, suffering for Him, etc. He earned the right to command such of us. Your life is not yours.  Your desires are not your God, Jesus is.

Keep your name written in the Book of Life.  Our life choices influence the great eraser mentioned in Revelation 3:5.

Speaking of lists…is the list below full of items that are worth doing so as to cause “The Great Eraser” to erase our name from The List?


My goodness…that list could go on for eternity. Did you read that list and think to yourself, “Impossible…My name is going to be erased…there is no way I can live my life free of those…”

First, let me challenge you with this.  Re-read that list again and ask yourself which ones on the list you HAVE to commit?  Which of the listed, or unlisted items, are you FORCED to do today or tomorrow, or the next?  Never forget the Bible verse that says, through Jesus, we can do all things. Never forget that those who confess Jesus as Lord of their lives, are titled OVERCOMERS, and CONQUERORS, and VICTORIOUS!

When Jesus said, “If you love me, obey me.”  Repenting and confessing your sins are things we do to obey Jesus.

My challenge is this…have your repented of your sins?  To repent doesn’t mean to simply say “sorry” like an apathetic child, who called his sister a bad name, and then was told by a parent to apologize.  No, to repent means to stop and go the opposite direction. 

The Bible says in Acts 2:38, “Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”  Receiving the Holy Spirit is what gives you the strength to witness your name NOT being ERASED from The Book of Life.  The Holy Spirit is what gives you the strength to be what I wrote above…overcomers, conquerors, and victorious ones.

Ultimately…you have a choice of what you want to be a slave to…Be a slave to the obedience/love of Jesus, not a slave to the sins of this world.  What sin is so fulfilling that if it ultimately means having your name erased from The Book of Life…you will say to yourself, “That was worth it!!”?

This post, should strike a little fear in our hearts and lives.  The Bible, written in Proverbs 9:10 says, “Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom.”  What do you need to repent and confess of? If you have been keeping secrets and living in sin…Get on your knees before God and stop the sin you are commiting, confess it all to Him, and work diligently the rest of your life to live a forgiven and free life!

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins, and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

It will be a very cool day, when you stand in line to meet The Creator of the Sun, Moon, and the Stars, receive a handshake and hug, watch The Book of Life be opened to where your name is written, and be told, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

There are two great eraser opportunities while our hearts still beat.

The first is to live our lives selfishly by ignoring the commands of Jesus, and thus erasing our names from the Book of Life.

The second and best opportunity is to dedicate our lives to the Teachings and Commands of Jesus, thus erasing the sins in our lives, through His blood sacrifice, so that we can be forgiven and remain in the Book of Life for all eternity.

If I can personally help you give your life to Jesus, please just ask in the comments section or email me and I’ll do all that I can to walk with you through such a life changing decision.


  • Scott Mathis |

    Over the last 5 years this has been the bulk of my discussions with people. Sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head on the wall.

    It’s sad when a church only teaches saved by grace and misses the warning of without repentance there is the possibility of your name being erased.

    I think churches that too much grace are misleading people. Grace is not getting the punishment you deserve. It doesn’t allow someone to keep living a disobedient life of Gods teachings. There are to many warnings in the bible to not keep an open ear to it. Hebrews 10 speaks on this subject. I had a discussion with another Pastor at my last church and he argued Hebrews didn’t apply to Christians today. I gave up talking to him.

    • Trent |

      It is very frustrating what has happened in the average Church and it’s not just in America. I call it the “Epic Grace” movement is out of control. Jesus said, “Narrow is the road.” I’m sure He meant it.

  • Cheryl Whitlock |

    I prayed for 3 weeks for a vision to see what my name looked like in The Lambs’ book of LIFE. God showed me. It was my signature, first name only, in cursive, written in Jesus blood!! How much more personal can you get!!! It was wonderful to finally know! I had searched the internet but never found the answer! Oh…and blood can’t be erased.

    • Trent |

      Thank you, Cheryl for your comment. I appreciate it. That’s a very cool vision you had. God is good. Faithfulness to the teachings and commands of Jesus is the good life. I’d say Jesus’s blood is the best permanent ink possible! 🙂 Lets serve Him all our lives.

    • Jeremy |

      I had a dream that a word was being erased in a book, and then being rewritten in im scared that my name was erased from the book of life.

      • Trent |

        Thank you for your comments. I cannot speak for God on how and who He speaks to. God is loving and kind and very patient with every single one of us. If I were in your shoes, I’d consider how my life is being lived. I would verify with the Holy Bible how God asks me to live and I would diligently pursue that kind of life. God wants you to identify by who He says you are. He then wants to interact with you on a minute by minute basis. God loves you immensely and wants you to spend eternity with Him. In the Bible, it is recorded in 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us of our sins.” That’s pretty powerful and God is of such integrity that He will follow what His Word says. So, if something in your life is not as you know God would want it, then I would encourage you to simply to talk to God like you talk to a close friend. Confess anything to Him and ask His forgiveness and He will. Then pursue to live for Him all your life. Its that simple, but it’ll be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Your future and eternity are all in the Hands of Jesus and you. He died for you, now you live for Him. If I can help you with that, please ask. I promise to tell you only what Scripture says, and leave my own opinion out.

  • Jessica |

    I feel like I’ve been winning for years but haven’t lost my faith. I just feel like I even got my named erased. Last night I had a dream and a baphomet was in it. I’m so confused.

    • Trent |

      Hey Jessica, God is kind and patient and is always waiting for us to come to Him with a heart of repentance, faithfulness and love. None of us are good enough to be accepted by God, so we go through Jesus and we imperfectly work to honor Him. We can rest in that and Him. The best way to know that we are written in the Lamb’s book of Life is to actually be focused on it. God loves you Jessica. Just keep going to Him.

  • Susan |

    i want my name written in the book of life i have so much confussion i want to learn so bad i want to understand god will & purpose for my life.im tire of being confused all the time i try with all my might to please god but sometimes i feel i just fall short i know im not perfect.i keep reading the sinner prayer telling god im truly truly sorry for everything.i tryied my best with my mother last wish but i feel i felled her in some with her parents i tired my hardest with them i gave everything i had with in me to help them.when i was in the hospital for gallbladder surgery i seen the devil & he said i was his i don’t want to go to hell dear lord i want more than ever to be with the god.im just starting out in my learning his word in his bible & im struggling badly i need help my reading is bad words are hard to understand im scared i don’t know where to turn my walking is not the best i don’t have much to give god kingdom through the church.but I’ve tired to help others as much as i can.people has made funny of me of the way i dress & look @ church.sometimes its hard to face them but then i hear a small voice in my head say come on child come a warship me so i go to church even thou i sometimes get look @ an made fun of.the bible was barely talk about in our family my mother was beaten for trying to read it badly by her mother i never got much time with my mother but she told me in one last word find someone that will help you understand the bible book.

    • Trent |

      Hello Susan,
      Thank you for commenting. Your comments are actually very encouraging, even though your emotion reads like you are a bit afraid of God. Something to think about… The Bible says…“The beginning of wisdom, is fear of the Lord.” Now…that doesn’t mean we have to be afraid. By fear, it means deep respect. You seem to display a deep respect for God and I would encourage you to make sure that emotion is not being afraid of God. God loves you so very deeply. He is full of kindness, love, and incredible patience. God chose to sacrifice Jesus instead of you and me. That sacrifice of Jesus is what paid for our sins and now God asks of us to submit to Jesus as the ultimate leader of our lives. You are doing the right thing by reading your Bible. Spend more time reading through the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When you are finished there, read the book of Acts, and then read Philippians. Now, you mention that you are not good with words/reading…that’s okay…take your time. I would encourage you to get the Bible Translation called, The New Living Translation. It is an accurate translation and is an easier language to read. The words will make more sense to you. I am here to help you if you’d like. Any questions you have, please just ask. I’m grateful you are working to grow in your relationship with Jesus. That very fact is the beginning of making sure your name is recorded in the book of life. I’m proud of you. Don’t grow weary. Read a little everyday. Do what Jesus says. You’ll be grateful for eternity. Trent

    • Jourdan Smith |

      Hello sir. My name is jourdan & im a 23 year old young woman. Before I can be honest with you, I have to be honest with myself. I’ve got saved & baptized when I was 12 in 2009 while I was in foster care . I remember when I’ve told the pastor that I did believe in my heart that Jesus saved me & that he died for my sins. After me & my siblings went home that same year, through my perspective my life hasn’t been the same.(I’ve been through drama, fights, abuse, bullying, and dealing with social media) I’ve learned that I have autistic spectrum disorder when I was 17, and that’s why I’ve had obsessive interests in things & lack in being socially aware and not great at keeping friends. I’m very quiet and I don’t talk to anyone. Im very glamorous and I like to wear & buy clothes and jewelry to compensate for my low self esteem when I was younger, and just the simple fact that I like attention & crave love and intimacy. Because of this corona virus going on, I’ve been praying to God to keep me & my family safe and that I really do want my name to be written in the lamb’s book of life. The thought of going to Hell terrifies me. I’ve recently lost a cousin & great grandmother on my father’s side , and now I’ve been reading the Bible a little, and praying to God everyday for allowing me to live another day and that I’m grateful for having a roof over my head and for my family. My mom watches and studies pastor murray; the shepherds chapel and she had a heart attack 3 years ago in 2017, and she knows that because God didn’t call her to come home, her work on earth isn’t finished yet. She told me to keep God first, repent, and be the best I can be. She has a relationship with God and reads the Bible too. I’ve personally asked God f He could send me someone who will serve a purpose in my life because I really have no friends and I feel like I don’t have what it takes to keep friends or be a friend. I don’t really trust or get along with women. I know that I want a Godly man as my husband too. I’ve thanked God for being patient with me, even though I know I’m stubborn and I’m quite set in my ways, and I don’t always give Him the attention He deserves because I like to entertain myself with social media, reading urban fiction on my kindle, skating, doing my college homework, sleeping my days away, and keeping to myself. I know I don’t trust myself or my good works to get into Heaven. I only trust Jesus. But because of the way my life has been, I feel unsure about my salvation. I know that life is short & that I can be here today and gone tomorrow, but I just want my life to be filled with fun & excitement(not the bad influential kind) and I know deep down that I want to have a intimate relationship with God and don’t want to miss the opportunity of truly repenting. Another thing I wanna add is that I’ve subscribed to Joyce Meyer.

      • Trent |

        Hi Jourdan,
        Thank you for taking the time to reply to my blog about the Lambs book of Life. I’m grateful. Thank you for being honest with me and I agree that starts best when we are honest with ourselves. I hope your time in foster care was okay. I’ve heard good and bad stories. I hope your experience was more good than bad…but either way…our life is not determined by what happens to us, but in how we respond to what happens to us. I pray that your life experiences make you wiser, more experienced, street-smarter, and better, instead of bitter. We can’t change our pasts, but we can make our pasts have new purpose. Thank you for sharing with me that you are on the autism spectrum. In my opinion, that makes you very brilliant in some areas in life, where others are not so brilliant. Being on that spectrum makes you more than average. Often, people who are not on any spectrum are average people. What that means to me is this…average is invisible. I don’t like average. If you are on the spectrum, then somewhere…you are remarkable! Go on and be your glamorous self. Having a bunch of friends is really overrated. Each of us only wants a couple good friends anyway. I don’t have a ton of close friends. I really don’t trust very many people. My best friend is Jesus and He always will be. He will never let me down. You too. You say you have a lack of self esteem. I say…get over it! What matters most about you, is what Jesus thinks about you! The more you begin to realize how much The Father-The Son-and The Holy Spirit love you, died for you and lives in you…the more you will see the truth about yourself and learn to love who God says you are! The very fact that you fear hell, is a good sign. The key is for you to acknowledge that Jesus is the Leader of your life, work on that relationship and grow. You and I will do that very thing imperfectly, but if we live as if Jesus is our best friend, then we will go to Him regularly, apologize, and keep improving until some day we meet Him personally. He is so kind and loving. He is the only one in the world that has your very best interest in mind. Keep listening to Him! I often say, don’t keep God first…but keep God the very CENTER of everything you do. It really means the same thing…but Jesus being my Center makes more sense to me. Keep praying for that godly man to come into your life. The best way to find him is to keep your eyes and pursuit on Jesus…like you’re running a race to reach Jesus. As you are running each day towards Jesus…pay attention to a guy who starts running next to you as you both have your eyes on Jesus and are running towards Jesus. When you notice that guy running next to you…take a look at him. Get his attention while you are both running towards Jesus and say to the guy running next to you…”Hey…You want to run together!?” He’ll probably say yes…because His whole goal is to run to Jesus…and if you are running to Jesus too, he’ll want to run together with you. That’s called Marriage! Be patient. The next thing I want to say is this…if you are unsure about your salvation, then you haven’t fully made Jesus your best friend yet. If someone is your best friend, then they will do all they can to save you and not send you to hell. So…get in your Bible Read the Book of Luke…then Acts…then Philippians. As you read through those 3 books of the Bible, read, take notes, speak to Jesus about what you are experiencing as you read it. Jesus is the Word of God…as you read it, you are spending time with Him. The more you spend time with Him, the more He becomes your best friend. Best friends don’t let each other go to Hell! Make sense? Its about a relationship, not some religion or religious duty, or tradition. Its about your personal friendship with your Creator! I like Joyce Meyers. She doesn’t care if you like her or not. She is going to speak the truth. Listen to her. If I can personally help you with more of this…just let me know. I look forward to meeting you in eternity someday…maybe before. Who knows. Either way, let’s live for Jesus. Its the best life!

  • Irene Wade |

    I PRAY Exodus 12:13 over Our lives as we journey through this Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Wilderness

    • Trent |

      Hi Irene!

      Thank you for your wonderful comments, blessings, and prayers. I look forward to meeting you someday down here..or in the air! 🙂
      Trent Renner

  • Andrea |

    Just that I always feel unrepented not enough not perfect and ı get sıck of all the people ın
    church thats all.

    • Trent |

      Hi Andrea. Thanks for your comment. It was a short comment. Felt full of deep frustration. Sorry you are struggling with that. I’d appreciate some clarification from you in regards to your not feeling repented enough? If you’d clarify I’d be glad to respond with some thoughts about that. And…as far as your comment about “I get sick of all the people in Church.” That too might be just vague enough that I would like to know a little more. Remember this…even Jesus got frustrated with us all. There is a passage in Scripture where His apostles can’t heal a boy and they run to Jesus asking for help. Jesus immediately says, “How long must I put up with you people.” LOL. But…his frustration doesn’t mean He doesn’t love us. Its okay to get sick of people…just work hard to remember that you are a people too. I know people get sick and tired of me on occasion, and that means some people get sick and tired of you too. We are people. And…remember this…the church is really like a hospital. It’s for people who are sick and hurting and messed up. It’s all what I call, a “beautiful mess.” I often think too many get frustrated with the screwed up people at/in church. I say…”we’re all screwed up, just in different ways.” Expecting people to behave better in the Church is like expecting everybody in the Gym to be skinny.
      I’d love to know your thoughts about not feeling repentant enough and I’ll respond more. Thank you for posting. I hope to hear from you again. –Trent

  • Tara |

    I trust that Jesus’s blood is my only way to Heaven. What I’m uneasy about is the unforgivable sin. In scripture it sounds as if it’s specifically saying (audibly) that Jesus was acting under Satan’s rule. But I’ve also heard sincere, genuine Christians say it’s rejecting Christ as your savior. It’s also widely believed that Judas is in Hell. Esau, too, right? Both of them dreadfully regretted their awful decisions. Esau wept bitterly. Judas hung himself.
    My point is, I don’t see myself as doing any better than Judas. I’ve consciously made the choice to sin KNOWING I had the power of the Holy Spirit to resist (prior to commiting it), and I did it anyway. I ignored the Holy Spirit’s prompting-(and haven’t felt the same ever since). Isn’t that rejecting Jesus? Isn’t that like selling my birthright for a single meal? I”ve prayed and asked for forgiveness and repented, but I can’t forget it or those other sinners like me who are notorious for being in Hell (presumably). I still feel that God loves me, but doesn’t He love all of us? Even those who won’t spend eternity with Him?

    • Trent |

      Hi Tara, Thanks for posting. You have some great thoughts and questions. No doubt about it…Jesus and his sacrificial payment of His life blood is the only way to be forgiven. Sorry for the technical terms like life blood, but it’s just straight up the best words to use.

      So…what is the “Unforgivable sin”? Jesus says it is simply the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus actually says you can blaspheme Him and be forgiven, but not the Holy Spirit. Sounds complicated, but it’s really pretty simple. To blaspheme means to reject, not allow, to abuse or slander. Here’s the deal. The only way to be forgiven of anything is to submit to the leadership and lordship of Jesus. The Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to convince us of that truth. So…if you ignore, slander, reject the Holy Spirit…then you will never listen to the Holy Spirit, which means you will never submit to the Lordship and Leadership of Jesus…which means you CANNOT be forgiven. Only through Jesus can you be forgiven. The Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus…if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit’s message, you’ll never give your life to Jesus and clearly then, you can’t be forgiven of anything.

      As far as Judas…Oh My! He was so close to running to the foot of cross where Jesus was hanging and repenting. He threw the coins back to the religious leaders and then ran to what is now called the field of blood and killed himself. I wish Judas would have run to the feet of Jesus instead. Jesus would have immediately forgiven him. Breaks my heart.

      As far as Esau…or any Old Covenant(Pre-Jesus on earth) person…God is the judge. We cannot concern ourselves with whether or not they have entered the presence of God for eternity. I hope so.

  • Tara |

    And to add to my previous comment, verses like Hebrews 10:26-27, and about when an evil spirit leaves it brings back seven more, creating a worse condition than the first, about a dog returning to its vomit. Those all sound like final conditions to me.
    Also (I’m sorry) sometimes (when I’m feeling uneasy about my salvation) I wonder if my fear of Hell is greater than my love of Jesus.
    Thank you for taking the time to read these. I’d love to hear all that you have to say about any of this.

    • Trent |

      The Bible tells us “the beginning of wisdom, is fear of the Lord.” I am fully confident that passage doesn’t want us to be scared of the Lord. Jesus calls those who accept Him as Lord, “Friend.” Would you ever be scared of your best friend?

      Jesus knows we cannot be perfect. But we can be complete in Him. Keep developing your friendship with Jesus. Daily speak with Him, read the Word of God, and live out what Jesus asks of us. I would encourage you to read Philippians 4:4-8 and challenge you to dwell not on the things that scare us, but on the promises of God. His Grace is THICK…and that should motivate us to honor Him…BECAUSE of His kindness, love, patience, goodness, integrity. Spend time in Ephesians 6 and focus on why its important for us to suit up each day in the full armor of God. We are in a war. The war is to try to discourage you and get you to blaspheme the Holy Spirit’s message to you about how much you are loved, wanted, liked, forgiven, calls you a masterpiece, God’s prized possession. Dwell on those and you will find the devil and his returning friends fleeing from you…you find you are less and less a dog returning to vomit. You are loved. I’m grateful for you. Keep developing your friendship with Jesus. He truly is your best friend.

  • Tara |

    I trust that Jesus’s blood is my only way to Heaven. What I’m uneasy about is the unforgivable sin. In scripture it sounds as if it’s specifically saying (audibly) that Jesus was acting under Satan’s rule. But I’ve also heard sincere, genuine Christians say it’s rejecting Christ as your savior. It’s also widely believed that Judas is in Hell. Esau, too, right? Both of them dreadfully regretted their awful decisions. Esau wept bitterly. Judas hung himself.
    My point is, I don’t see myself as doing any better than Judas. I’ve consciously made the choice to sin KNOWING I had the power of the Holy Spirit to resist (prior to commiting it), and I did it anyway. I ignored the Holy Spirit’s prompting-(and haven’t felt the same ever since). Isn’t that rejecting Jesus? Isn’t that like selling my birthright for a single meal? I”ve prayed and asked for forgiveness and repented, but I can’t forget it or those other sinners like me who are notorious for being in Hell (presumably). I still feel that God loves me, but doesn’t He love all of us? Even those who won’t spend eternity with Him? I also sometimes struggle with whether my fear of Hell is greater than my love for Jesus… I know that perfect love drives out fear, so I would hope that I’m just still in the process of being sanctified. I would love to hear any and all your thoughts on these matters. Thank you!

  • Tara |

    Sorry I posted twice bc I thought it hadn’t gone through the first time! Thank you so much for your response, Trent! I quickly will look to those scriptures you mentioned.

  • kehinde |

    hi ,please have been so emotionally trouble by the message, please what other step can i take to follow christ jesus, thank u.

    • Trent |

      Thanks for replying to this post. The best thing any one of us can do when we desire to know more, is to investigate. Do you have access to a Bible? If you do…I recommend that you simply read what is called the book of Luke. When you are finished with Luke, I would encourage you to read next, the Book of Acts. Luke authored both of those books in the Bible. After reading and investigating…if you have questions, please let me know.

  • Olivia Jean Hatfield |

    Hey sir, let me introduce myself, I’m Olivia. I’m 14 years old, and I am having some problems. I’m so scared that I’m going to Hell. I’m scared that I’m not gonna have my name in the Book Of Life. I’m so scared for the Rapture.

    God even told someone to tell me at church, “ I know your heart, and your heart is towards me” .

    If my heart is towards God, am I going to Hell?

    Sometimes I wonder why people post about Jesus all the time, I keep thinking everyone is ugly even Jesus. Some people say Jesus sees the soul. I’m starting to have bad thoughts and I don’t want to go to hell. I don’t think anyone does. Please help me. I’m scared. I am a teen just going through some hard stuff right now.

    • Trent |

      Hi Olivia, thank you so much for responding and asking the question you did. First of all…please know that Jesus loves you so very much and He proved it in the fact that He gave His life so that you could live forgiven. Jesus even said, “there is no greater love than this…than one who lays down his life for a friend.” Jesus loves you. Now…you and I have a friendship with Jesus. I know you must have other good friends…right? So, you would do anything for that great friend, and they would do the same for you. That IS friendship. So…Jesus proved He is your friend by literally dying to pay for your sins. It would be like a good friend pushing you out of the way of an oncoming car so you don’t get hit and killed, but at the same time, your friend was hit and killed instead. My goodness…that kind of sacrifice and friendship takes my breath away. But that is what Jesus did for us. Now…as great friends, Jesus asks you to do some things that prove you love Him. Read Matthew-Mark-Luke, or John in the Bible to see all the things He taught and asks of us. None of them are really that difficult if you think about it. Water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, take care of those who are sick, treat others with respect. Tell people about Jesus. Take care of the orphan and widow. Those are things that you can do for the rest of your life that simply prove you love Jesus back! You can do that. Spend time as often as possible reading your Bible…as that Bible is a great way to hear what Jesus is saying to you. Especially the New Testament part of the Bible. Just remember that Jesus is about relationship and not religion. Jesus hates religion…its a bunch of man made rules and structure. Jesus desires a loving friendship where honor each other and make the world better. If you have sin that is separating you from Jesus…first…stop practicing that sin. Second…ask for forgiveness and work hard daily to pursue a holy and good life. That is the better life anyway. A sin filled life is terrible tiresome and awful. That kind of life is slavery…to self. Be free. Please find a local exciting Church that teaches the Bible well. If I can help you find that Church, please just ask and I’ll share some recommendation for you. I look forward to meeting you someday…if not on this earth, then in eternity where we can meet Jesus personally and then we’ll reminisce about this blog and how it led us to this very point!

    • Trent |

      Olivia…also…take a some time to read through the other comments on this blog page. There are some great questions and of course I think great answers!! LOL. Take care.

  • Maria |

    I bet there is no Jesus name in the book of life because that name was invented to worship a man. God is not a man and man is not God.

    • Trent |

      Hi Maria, i’m sorry for my late reply. I don’t check my blog site as often as I should. Your comment is accepted by me and technically right for the most part. The name Jesus is a translated name. The man born in Bethlehem by a virgin mother named Mary would have actually been called Yeshua. Yeshua is God along with The Father and The Holy Spirit. God did become a man. That was the only way for The Father to fulfill Justice and Mercy after we all have sinned and separated ourselves from Him. The Father has a rule about blood having to be shed in order for forgiveness to happen. That gave The Father a couple choices. He could have killed us (Justice)to pay for our own sins, but then He would have lost a relationship with us.(Mercy) In order for Justice and Mercy to be fulfilled and for The Father to remain Integrity…He has to follow His own rules…He chose Yeshua (The Son of God) to come to earth as a baby boy born of a virgin, to grow into man who fully obeys His Father In Heaven…then sacrifice His son to pay the blood sacrifice for us all and then raise Yeshua from the dead. (Justice and Mercy fulfilled through the Son of God…born as one of us.) Some say God would do no such thing…and that a True God is above that kind of action, too great to serve His creation. No. A loving relational God will do anything to save His masterpiece…you and me! He humbled himself. He even taught, “The greatest must become the servant.” That is what God did. He loves us so much that He was willing to die for us. That makes Him a good/kind/patient/loving/freeing God! Yeshua is His name. Yeshua is now seated at the right hand of His Father. Yeshua…due to His full obedience to the Father…has now been granted all authority in Heaven, and Earth, and under the Earth…and someday will return to judge the living and the dead. Yeshua earned that right. He loves you immensely. Yeshua loves you so much that He laid down His life for you so that you wouldn’t have to pay for your own sins. Yeshua wants to spend eternity with you and me. I pray that you will accept this kind love and action of Yeshua. You will meet him someday and He is hoping to embrace you with a warm hug and welcome. Yeshua, Jesus, Lord, Savior, Master, Boss…it doesn’t matter what His name is…His title is all that matters. We can’t change that title.

  • Cedric Barber |

    I have read your blog, Trent, and am greatly encouraged. Sometimes we all need that reassurance even when we’ve been born-again for many years.
    I’ve really loved the simple but profound heartfelt desire of Susan. She is a sincere believer who doesn’t gloss over her doubts and fears. She makes me think of my daughter who also feels unworthy of her name being written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and is not a good reader. I feel sure the Lord compensates in some way for those who feel lacking in certain ways. How He loves them!
    God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. These sincere, repenting believers will surely be rewarded!
    Thank you, once again, and thank you Lord for YOUR family of blood-washed believers.

    • Trent |

      Thank you Cedric Barber! Thanks for reading and for encouraging back! I look forward to meeting you someday either here or in the air! 🙂


    Dear Saints of the Most High God,
    Special Christian greetings to you in the Name Of Our Lord and Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ who is soon to come. Please I need more information from you soon. Iam an Independent and Self-Supporting Elder in Zambia-Luapula Province. Continue being faithful to Him who called you and sent you for many be called but very few are chosen who are blessed like you. Let us be faithful and Jesus will come soon. Continue the tremendous work you are doing by spreading proclaiming Everlasting Gospel in these last days of the Earth’s history and very soon you will be rewarded. Iam looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless you all and your beloved families and may His coming rejoice your hearts.