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102 “Pilgrims” awaited to hear from an exploring party that went ashore at Plymouth on December 21, 1620.

As they heard back that the land was as good they would find for now they unloaded the Mayflower and started to establish the land and live.

Of the 102 Mayflower passengers, only half remained alive within four months. Cold, sickness and disease claimed their lives. What a huge sacrifice. Was it worth it? You exist today and have the quality of life you live today because of their sacrifice! To see the names of the Mayflower Pilgrims and see if you carry their name, check out this web page www.pilgrimhall.org/mayfpass.htm

History says that about 90 Native American Indians and 53 Pilgrims enjoyed the fruits of Thanksgiving together. To see the list of names and check if your last name was one at that first Thanksgiving feast, check out this web page, www.pilgrimhall.org/1stthnks.htm

These men and women risked it all. They are the founders of our great United States of America. They were in pursuit of religious freedom and fleeing control and tyranny. I am so thankful for their adventurous spirits and sacrificial actions.

Today our American culture seems to be missing the sacrificial spirit. I think its still exists in the hearts of some but it has been buried by layers of self help, self glory and entitlement. Oh, you are entitled to freedom and pursuit of happiness, but do not forget that freedom is truly being free. If in pursuit of your own freedom you actually harm and enslave others then you are not free either. Freedom is sacrifice. Freedom is contentment. Freedom is hard work. Freedom is “complete-ness.” Freedom will cost you something. What must you give to be free?

This thanksgiving let us DRIP with Gratitude and Grace.
The echoes of our Pilgrims past are calling out to you and me to keep the freedom ringing. Their price was high and their souls are witnessing our actions, so let us shake off all the holds us back and enslaves us and continue the great drive of the Pilgrims. How will you start your Pilgrimage today?